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Let’s send a truck of Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine. Together.
Help us deliver 3000 food packages 
to towns and villages affected by war.

Do you know how many goods can fit in a shoebox? Precisely 8 kilograms.

These goods represent one week of high-nutrient food supply for two people. They are meant for those who have lost their homes and those closest to them. They are for those who have nowhere else to turn - women, children, elderly people, and people with disabilities.
Infoshare has partnered with the My z Wami foundation to deliver 3000 such boxes to towns and villages directly affected by war.

Box of Goods

Help us achieve our goal by joining the program within your company's CSR or contributing as an individual.
How can you contribute?
Prepare packages with your team. Simply declare the number of packages you wish to prepare, and we will provide you with all necessary support. Once the packages are ready, we will pick them up.


Hire our friends at JoyEvent, an event agency that has prepared a dedicated CSR team-building program. Their coordinator will organize everything for you without a profit margin, as they support the initiative pro bono.


Please specify the number of packages your company wishes to purchase. The My z Wami team will prepare the packages for you and provide any necessary donation documentation for your accounting department.

Make an online donation or do it in person at the conference in the My z Wami foundation stand located at the Partners Expo, close to the Dev AI Stage. Full donation amount will finance the contents of packages.

Visit the My z Wami foundation stand located 
at the Partners Expo for more details.
Contributors and partners
”Paczka Dobra” project is an excellent team building event and a great way to integrate your employees while at the same time your company can do something good for those in need”

See also other short movies about our project:
Box of Goods overview
An overview of the Box of Goods project and My z Wami foundation.
Box of Goods - packing
A video recorded by a volunteer showing package preparation. 

Box of Goods - Cherson distribution
A video documenting one of the distributions in Cherson oblast in February 2023.
Project timeline
We finalize arrangements with all contributors by July 31, 2023.

Package preparation 
and delivery complete 
by August 31, 2023

You confirm your participation 
at the conference.

Delivery report published 
by September 15, 2023

My z Wami foundation was established in 2022 in response to the war in Ukraine. The first project of the foundation was creating the Shehyni Humanitarian Aid Center that provided humanitarian assistance to over 250,000 Ukrainians escaping from war.

When the situation at the border improved, the foundation focused its efforts on delivering food boxes directly to towns and villages affected by war. To date, the foundation has delivered over 70,000 packages. Some of their deliveries were photographed by Reuters reporters and covered by well-known press publishers such as the Guardian, Voice of America or Al Jazeera.

Visit My z Wami website to read more.

About the My z Wami Foundation